This book explores the intersection between executive leaders and their career transitions and how they can avoid the biggest mistakes and transition successfully

I decided to write this book because way too many executives fail during their transition. The failure rate is about 40% during the first 18 months.

It includes stories and insights from thought leaders as well as C-suite executives and my own experience as an executive transition coach.

Navid Nazemian, PCC Executive Transition Coach

Navid helps executives and their leadership teams accelerate and successfully transition into new roles. He is the author of Mastering Executive Transitions - The Definitive Guide that is due to be published by New Degree Press in December 2021. Navid is an unparalleled expert and a thought leader in executive transitions, having lived and successfully worked in five countries across six sectors and working with C-level leaders on the same as an Executive Transition Coach. He brings to the table an eclectic background that spans over two decades of human resources experience in some of the world’s most admired organisations at country, regional and global leadership level, in both emerging and developed markets.

Mastering Executive Transitions by Navid Nazemian, PCC

Early Book Praise

Peter Banks, Founder & Managing Director, theHRDirector: "The most impactful guide for executives in career transition"

Anthony Harling, CEO, Not Actively Looking: "The perfect recipe for executive career success." 

Richard Goff, Chairman, The People Director Partnership:"Mastering Executive Transitions is a must-read.”

Dr. Hannes Ametrsreiter, CEO Vodafone Germany and Group ExCo Member of Vodafone Group:“Mastering Executive Transitions provides brilliant insights on what makes successful careers.” 

Richard Demblon, CHRO, Inchcape Shipping Services: "Mastering Executive Transitions is a great read - Very informative as well as thought-provoking and a great resource for leaders."

Marcello Maggioni, Founder & CEO, Tiberius Capital (Former Chief Commercial Officer of Sky Germany and Managing Director of Vodafone Germany): "You cannot always completely eliminate mistakes. Not reading Mastering Executive Transitions is one that you can indeed avoid."

Harriet Green OBE, Former Chair & CEO, IBM Asia Pacific: "The carefully nuanced, very pertinent, and experienced insights that Navid has captured, are rarely covered and hence deeply value-adding."

Mastering Executive Transitions: The Definitive Guide (10 Books + Masterclass

This is an up to 90 Minute Masterclass that includes a Q&A as well as 10 Books. 

What you'll get:

  • 10 Books 
  • Digital Companion
  • Masterclass (90 min)

Part 1


I explore the history of executive transitions, the science of intentionality and onboarding frameworks and why this is topical right now.

Part 2


Here, I explore what onboarding frameworks exist in organisations, the top 10 reasons for failure and what is the true cost of that, as well as key transition challenges.

Part 3


In this part of the book, I explore the business case for successful executive transitions, and introduce The Double Diamond Framework© of Executive Transitions, a 7 phase process that helps executives to transition most successfully.

Part 4


Here I explore how executives can successfully transition out of an executive role, aka your last 90 days.

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